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Detecting door blockage using computer vision

In your example image, you show what appears to be a fixed camera feed (for example, a security camera). If it is safe to assume that this is a fixed camera feed, this becomes much easier, since we ...
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How to use arbitrary version of OpenCV

In case someone comes up here looking for how to use the source installed OpenCV installation with Python, look for following. When you build the OpenCV installation, make sure to add following ...
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Detecting door blockage using computer vision

You could create a categorical deep learning model by taking images of the door blocked and unblocked. Basically a Hotdog, Not Hotdog model.
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Making sense of disparity values after applying `StereoSGBM` from OpenCV

Looking into the documentation of StereoSGBM I found the following explaination link. It says: Some algorithms, like StereoBM or StereoSGBM compute 16-bit fixed ...
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Vision programming with OpenCV

TL;DR You are probably getting that error, because the file that you wish to use for your face_cascade is not loaded correctly. That is to say, the path that you ...
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