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How do I handle map/odom transforms if I want to use robot_localization as well as slam_toolbox?

Flickering is must probably caused since there are more than one nodes publishing to the odom (or odomNew) frame. Generally speaking; there can be more than one odom source but only one node should ...
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ROS2 Generating Odometry with GPS and IMU Data and Visualizing in RViz

Welcome to ROS2! nav2 alreay has a solution for estimating the position of a robot relative to a fixed starting position, which you use: robot localization Extended Kalman Filter. Now, what this node ...
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Noisy Wheel odometry sensor simulator

Try setting the odom source parameter within the plugin tag for diff drive controller to 1 to use encoders for odometry, which will introduce some noise. ...
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slam_toolbox with IntelRealsense publishing empty /map topic

The answer to your question in bold is - no, the imu is not sufficient to generate a valid /odom message. It can give you a fairly consistent heading, but you'll want to use something like wheel ...
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I am trying to create map using odometry and display in rviz2. I am not able to create map as my scan topic doesn't have any publisher

There is no publisher to the scan topic, so the callback to generate the map is never called. Have you run the node to read the LiDAR data on your robot? Depending on your lidar, launching the ROS ...
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Obtaining UAV flight trajectory from accelerometer and gyro data

Your three statements are correct. But I would like to add a comment to the third point. Yes, a Kalman filter, if set-up correctly, will give better results compared to dead reckoning. However, the ...
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Integrating acceleration data to obtain the trajectory - where did I do mistake?

When you differentiate, you lose information about constants, hence, when you integrate, you need to find the value of the constant of integration by using additional information. In your case, this ...
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