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[slam_toolbox]: Failed to compute odom pose

I can see the standard frame in slam_toolbox param file is base_footprint. See yaml-file. I can't see it in your tf.
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1 vote

How to set up odometry for a custom robot?

Typically, the odometry would be done by modeling where the center of the robot body is based on each leg movement and the forward kinematics. You may need to add some smoothing to this odometry ...
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1 vote

ROS2 on RaspberryPi4 - odom frame for nav2

You need to have wheel encoders velocities reported from the motors, visual odometry, lidar odometry, etc to provide the relative motion information to populate the odom frame - this is very important ...
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1 vote

/odometry/filtered output arrow not showing in rviz

I was able to fix the issue, by setting 'use_sim_true' to True in the file - ...
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How to set up 2D pose with IMU and odometry using robot localization ekf?

This is documented very well at robot_localiztion documentation page
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Dose any can give me a little theoretical support about nav_msgs/Odometry

I will take as an example the code in the link you mentioned to answer your question, and I hope you do not mind if I take the opportunity to explain some additional details. Let us take for example ...
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