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Is there any way to change the color of line (trajectory) that appears in the SLAM once the robot starts moving using ROS2 and Nav2?

I think you will find the answer here: rviz/DisplayTypes/Path Name Description Valid Values Default Color The color of the line ([0-255], [0-255], [0-255]) (25, 255, 0) Alpha The amount of ...
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Local planner and local costmap usage info

The nav2 github issue: velocity smoother deadband velocity as an interval #4384 The reason why the local_costmap's dynamic obstacles are not taken intro account is because the RPP is designed to ...
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Costmap not published but robot navigates through the map

ok I will add a new answer based on your data. 1- You need to check which is the topic name that your gazebo plugin (from urdf) is publishing ros2 topic list Let's ...
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MPPI+SmacPlannerHybrid navigation with a large base_footprint problem

I faced the same problem for a car-like robot: SmacHybridPlanner and MPPI do not consider the robot's footprint. Setting MPPI params as ...
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