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Brushed motors are functionally waterproof not by design but by principle (brushes sending power to a stator, spins the motor) and will run under water, albeit inefficiently. Most brushed motors have an internal fan for cooling so if the motor does not have that and uses bushings or sealed bearings for holding the rotor, it is at least acceptable for ...


In my configuration I have a PID algorithm for the main following mechanism. Then I have a separate routine to move into if The car ever goes off the line and all 6 sensors are sensing white. This tells the car to turn the direction that it saw the line last. This seems to work up to 45 degree turns for me.


Yes. Motors of the same type, by the same manufacturer, driven by the same voltage may still have different angular velocities (and different torque curves and any other parameter). There are a variety of reasons for this: manufacturing tolerances resulting in different amounts of internal friction or mass, different magnet strengths, differences in ...


To quote Adafruit: You cannot power motors from a 9V battery. You must use AA batteries or a lead acid battery for motors. You can grab a decent SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery by grabbing an alarm battery from any battery store for a relatively decent price (or an online retailer). Alternatively you could get an AA battery holder that lets you put ...

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