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Bump and turn toys: how do they work?

I think I know exactly what you are talking about. I don't know the physics of it all but it's not castor wheel or microswitch. They are called 'Bump and go' toys which uses "universal/bump and ...
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Dynamical footprint in Nav2

The "easy" solution would be to use a footprint that covers the robot in any configuration - the downside is that footprint is likely quite large and if you are planning in confined areas, ...
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Instantaneous Center of Rotation of Skid-Steering Mobile Robot

If the context is differential drive calculations, the robot's z-axis center-of-rotation has nothing to do with the robot's mass.
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Light weight one axis hinge name/recommendation

Here is the kind of hinge you're looking for on McMaster, and it takes 8-32 threaded rod, but I'm not understanding how the upper platform doesn't just fall over in your drawing, so I can't comment on ...
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