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I didn't read the paper fully, so I don't know if this was stated already, but the mechanism of swapping points would grow the path from both ends, which I think would lead to more graceful obstacle avoidance than just growing the path from A to B. Make a segment from A in the direction of B, then make a segment from B in the direction of A. Keep ...


tl;dr: don't worry about it Your system really operates in continuous time, described by differential equations. It's a convenient, even necessary, approximation to use discrete time and difference equations. The dynamics solution would result from integrating the differential equations; the difference equations approximately solve the problem by doing ...


From the Wikipedia article, the wheel will generate a propelling force perpendicular to the roller axel. Note the yellow box isn't the outline of the robot, just a box representing the mounting points of the wheels. So to your question, overlay your robot on the image and analyze whether the pivot points are what you want/desire.

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