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There are a couple libraries for doing what you want to to, the first is pyMAVlink and the second is dronekit-python it is going to be easiest to use dronekit as it handles a lot of the lower level stuff like processing incoming packets and connecting over your preferred interface for you automatically. I assume you want to load waypoints from a file and ...


You don't need to send any mavlink message. You can simply change the parameter SR1_EXTRA_1 to desired Attitude data rate and your data rate will be changed. Similarly you can change other parameter to change data rate of other messages. More information of messages can be found at


You need to use the mavlink parameter protocol, which is a coordinated set of mavlink messages between the ground control station and the vehicle (a bit trickier than just sending strings over the serial port, unfortunately). The protocol is documented here: The following diagrams shows the flow of ...

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