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Smooth step function Simulink

There are a variety of functions that can give you an "S" curve like you want. Check out the Sigmoid function. I usually use something like this: $f(x) = \frac{x}{\sqrt{1+x^2}}$ And it can ...
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Steering wheel angle control

How do I choose the actuator for my steering wheel angle? Assuming this actuator will be directly driving the steering angle controller which take rotary inputs, you'll need a - Rotary actuator. ...
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How to compute orientation error for a Puma end effector

I found the error, the rotation matrix Rd is not a rotation matrix because its determinant is equal to -1: det(Rd) = -1 I'm so sorry for your time! Forgive me!
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Smooth step function Simulink

So you could use the ramp block, but that only has a turn-on time and a slope; there's no limiting it once it's turned on. What I prefer to use instead is the repeating sequence block, which lets you ...
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