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Flickering OccupancyGrid data in RViz2

That looks like - to my eye - one of two things: You have two publishers publishing to the same topic containing different data. So the most recent one is being shown and you're seeing the race ...
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ROS topics and Rviz not working for LiDAR gmapping (/map)

Your error message is pretty descriptive: "simulation time is active" is at least the starting point of your error. Based on the launch files posted, it appears that the issue would be in ...
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Multi robot SLAM problem

I think you should check ekf_filter node config. This node provides Odom to base link tf frame.
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Issue with Continuous Map Creation Using YDLidar X2 and ROS2 Humble SLAM Toolbox

I would check if you are using the default mapper_params_online_async.yaml file which the launch file you mentioned calls (it is in root, but you should build locally or modify in /opt/ros/distro/...
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In a Blank Webots World, How to Operate the Mavic

I have tested in 2023a and 2023b and the only change that has been necessary in Worldinfo is to set the timestep to 8 and a linear damping to 0.5 and angular 0.5
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