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Why is admittance control better than impedance control for huma robot collaboration?

One aspect is that impedance control requires direct torque control of the actuators. Admittance control computes joint position or velocity commands in response to a measured force. Many robot arms ...
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Standard Notation/Name for Velocity Transformations

This matrix has different names based on what version of screw theory, spatial notation, etc. in which you're using it. In general, when working with these various formulations, the 6-element velocity ...
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Parallel spatial mechanism - DOF

Usually, the motion capability of the platform with this kind of constraint can be obtained with the basic DoF formula such as Tsai's Formula, i.e., $F =\lambda(n-j-1)+ \sum f_i $ where $\lambda$ is ...
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DH Parameter for OpenManipulator X from Robotis

I struggled with the same thing. I solved it rotating the second frame to a fixed angle, and using the 0.130 m distance. I think this satisfies the DH convention.
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