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GTSAM and other factor graph libraries could be used to implement GPS+IMU state estimation. They are typically used for SLAM but there's nothing in them saying you can't just GPS and IMU.


You can do it manually with a protractor and straight edge - put the center of your protractor on the scanner center, align your protractor's zero-angle mark to the scanner zero, then mark off ticks at whatever your scanner resolution is. Then you use the straight edge to connect the dots from the center, through each tick, until either you draw to an object ...


I believe you can directly estimate the covariance if you have a trajectory before and after a loop closure. You can think of the trajectory after the loop closure as ground truth and you will see how much it drifts on each pose on average from the uncorrected trajectory. That's where you can get the hint for how you calculate the uncertainty of your ...


Not sure if there is an existing good sw for that but if you want to implement that a motion-based method will work. The motion-based approach basically estimates the trajectory of each camera and finds extrinsic parameters(relative positions and rotations). It doesn't need any view overlap. What you need to do is simply grabbing your device and making a ...

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