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Correct use of transformations while using coordinate frames

You're missing a couple key aspects: baselink -> odom transform is the location of the robot (where the robot thinks it is) relative to where it started as calculated by tracking the wheel encoders....
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imu vs imu/data

The message type is the same - it's just a different topic name/namespace. For a robot that only has a single topic carrying IMU data, "imu" might be sufficient. However, many robots end up ...
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1 vote

Localisation without GPS: BNO055 vs BMI088 / other IMU

The BNO055 contains a magnetometer, while the BMI088 does not. However, the magnetometer is of limited value in most on-robot IMU applications because the motors cause enough magnetic disturbance to ...
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Robot_state_publisher don't publish on /tf topic

That error shows that amcl has crashed and is no longer running. That is where I would start your search. To that end you're not the first to experience this. There's an open bug issue at https://...
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