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Did I buy the wrong SBR rails?

That doesn’t sound very unusual to me unless you purchased materials that specifically purported to be predrilled and compatible. Sounds like you may need to manually mark out, drill and possibly tap ...
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Sliding system basic question

This is a great problem to hone mechanism design skills on. There is a set of dimensions for which this mechanism works fine. The condition for this is that the contact of each rod & hole, ...
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CNC: Linear motion without timing belt or lead screw

If you want to build something that more or less resembles CNC machine, and use a pen as a tool and draw some pictures, then you will probably be fine (as long as you can do programming and have a lot ...
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CNC: Linear motion without timing belt or lead screw

CNC controllers, in most cases, control rotary motion and the model of how this rotary motion is tranformed, by the mechanism attached to the motor, to a translational motion is implemented in the ...
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How to convert vertical motion to horizontal?

This should have probably been a comment to @RobertEnglish answer ... but comments don't seem to allow pictures Bavel gears. Plastic ones should be rather inexpensive.
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