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Calculate joint torques in 3 joint RRR mechanism

Here below are the expressions you ought to recruit: $$ \mathbf{J} \left( \mathbf{\theta} \right) = \left( \begin{matrix} \frac{\partial x_e}{\partial \theta_1} & \frac{\partial x_e}{\partial \...
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Standard Notation/Name for Velocity Transformations

This matrix has different names based on what version of screw theory, spatial notation, etc. in which you're using it. In general, when working with these various formulations, the 6-element velocity ...
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kinetic and potential energy of 3 DOF robot having 2 cylindrical links

Welcome to Robotics, DANAISH! I'm sorry I don't have access to Matlab anymore, so I'm not able to follow along with the symbolic math you've posted here. I'm assuming you've double-checked your math ...
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Is the angular velocity vector the derivative of a time-varying quantity?

As far as I can tell, the phrase Note that this velocity vector is not the derivative of a position variable, since the angular velocity vector is not the derivative of any particular time-varying ...
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