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Hexapod walking algorithm

It does not matter whether the legs are mounted in a circle or not. You should be using inverse kinematics to place the tip of each foot on the ground. If you know the dimensions of your robot and ...
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18 MG996R servo motors control and power

Yes, there are servo controllers capable of even 24 servos. As example, check out Pololu Mini Maestro board. It communicates with RPi through USB or UART and You can find more information about that ...
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How to choose the correct power switch ratings for robotics?

There is a characteristic called ampacity that is defined as the maximum current, in amperes, that a conductor can carry continuously under the conditions of use without exceeding its temperature ...
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DOF computation

Though slightly different in the implementation, the device you looked at is a Stewart platform. This video can guide you through the DoF calculation. Hope this helps!
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Inverse Kinematics for 4 legged robots and body translation

1.) Is there material out there that explains how the frame can be translated from the center of the body to the legs? When you say ...
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Which one is faster? Hexapod or Quadruplets

Hexapod robot with tripod gait cycle will be both more stable and faster in terms of the locomotion speed. It is more stable because the support polygon of the tripod gait is a triangle. But in return ...
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Looking for pointers on hexapod project

There might be a number of problems: The power might not be enough. Perhaps the batteries are drained. The servos might not be strong enough. The servos might not be in positions to give them enough ...
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Hexapod walking algorithm

This paper might help decide what sort of walking algorithm suits your purpose.
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