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I am trying to run slam_gmapping on a seperate device as my sensor nodes (robot), I can subscribe to the topics, but my published map is empty?

Quick troubleshooting. If you try and echo the topic on the nodes, do you get output? rostopic echo /map If you do not get any output then it's possible it's not ...
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ROS topics and Rviz not working for LiDAR gmapping (/map)

Your error message is pretty descriptive: "simulation time is active" is at least the starting point of your error. Based on the launch files posted, it appears that the issue would be in ...
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ROS/ROS2 mapping and path following with skid-steering robot and Velodyne 3D laser

Check out the Linorobot2 github repo. I had success with just such a robot as you describe using that software. He has a repo called "hardware" that ...
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