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I am building a path planning and obstacle avoidance bot using ros, lidar, etc . Can someone please provide a python program to implement?

Use navigation stack of ROS. You will probably need to learn more stuff, but otherwise you would reimplement massive amount of parts, which is imo loss of time. Doing this from ground up in python is ...
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Map not being displayed in Rviz (from LiDAR data)

It turns out that I just had to remove <remap from="scan" to="base_scan"/> from slam_gmapping_pr2.launch. I found out from the fact that <...
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1 vote

depthimage_to_laserscan not publishing

I have already worked with this package. I would debug in this way: 1- First check if you are sending data from your camera rostopic echo /depth_image 2 - It is ...
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ROS/ROS2 mapping and path following with skid-steering robot and Velodyne 3D laser

Check out the Linorobot2 github repo. I had success with just such a robot as you describe using that software. He has a repo called "hardware" that ...
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ROS Raspberry Pi <-> PC Communication error

Welcome to Robotics Stack Exchange! Please make sure that both machines are time synchronized. Time synchronization is crucial in a multi-machine setup.
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