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Robot model explodes in Gazebo

This is a famous crash in Gazebo, similar to the one shown below.  It is one of the confusing errors. To debug this issue, start the Gazebo with simulation paused. We can pause the simulation by ...
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How to determine which direction is the forward direction of the car in ROS?

You should model your robot such that the front of the robot would align with the +X direction of the frame displayed.You can take a look at REP-105 for more inspiration about what conventions you ...
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Trouble trying to implement Gazebo's plowing model

The plowing effect is currently only supported in gazebo-classic starting with version 11.12; it is not yet supported in gz-sim. Can you confirm that the version of gazebo you are using is at or newer ...
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SW2URDF model is floating in Gazebo

I resolved it by changing the model (redesigning the model on Solidworks) All the wheels should be touching the floor, in my case the caster wheel is above the ground by 1mm and gazebo is not happy ...
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Documentation on Gazebo Trivial Physics Engine

The documentation on using TPE is really scarce and scattered. There is a lot of developer documentation explaining how custom physics plugins work, usually using TPE as a demonstration. The only ...
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husky simulation installation, but there is an error about joystick

The log message "Error: couldn't open joystick" is not a serious problem and you can safely ignore the message. As an enhancement, you can configure a real usb or bluetooth port for a real ...
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turtlebot4 simulation stuck at Requesting list of world names

so, I managed to solve this problem, it was because I had missing packages not installed from the common packages, once I installed all the common packages not only the simulation package, I managed ...
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how can I see the camera and laser view in gazebo?

I might add that you can add a GStreamer plugin to your model as well and view it though UDP. ...
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How to execute a Moveit Task Constructor Task in Gazebo Classic?

I noticed that you added moveit_config.move_group_capabilities = {"capabilities": "move_group/ExecuteTaskSolutionCapability"} to the auto-...
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