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1 vote

IMU Sensor not working when enabling lockstep in Gazebo 11

OK, I figured it out. The IMU sensor does not work in lockstep in Gazebo 11.11.0. This pull request fixes the issue. I patched in two lines from it and the IMU sensor started working. I will switch to ...
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1 vote

Where can I find the list of SDF tags that can be used for a particular sensor in Gazebo Garden?

TL;DR While writing this answer, I found that the Gazebo Sim sensor parameters are read through the SDFormat library, and hence all parameters are described in the SDFormat Specification, e.g. here ...
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1 vote

How to dynamically set a topic publication for a model sensor?

What you're describing here can be accomplished with topic remapping. You can find documentation on it here, and another question about this topic here. The basic concept behind topic remapping is to ...
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