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Errors with the Gazebo 11 conda forge implementation on windows

In the official repo there is a .bat file: @REM usernames with spaces cause problems, so we set the partition manually @set IGN_PARTITION=gazebo On Ubuntu 22.04 - ...
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gz-tools2 stopping ros2 gazebo control package being installed on ros2 humble

No it is not needed nor installed automatically with gazebo11, at least on Ubuntu 22.04 (see apt show libgazebo-dev). Which debian are you using? I think that the ...
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error while using diff_drive plugin

The docs you are using might be for a newer version of gazebo. I was getting the same joint errors when using camelCase tags as you have shown. This file works for me: ...
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SimpleTrackedVehiclePlugin not working properly

First thing I'd try is to rotate the half cylinders in the model 180° about their relative horizontal axis, so that their current bottom side becomes the top side and vice versa, and see if that ...
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ROS2 LiDAR topic not showing

I think the problem is with your lidar plugin, try using this plugin: ...
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Gazebo plugin not creating cmd_vel and odom topics in ROS 2 Humble with Gazebo Fortress

This is "known" behavior. ign topic --list only shows topics with publishers, but not topics with just subscribers. This was reported here and fixed by ...
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