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2 votes

How does Gazebo's physics engine simulate flight of a drone or an UAV?

You haven't specified whether you're talking about Gazebo Classic or new Gazebo. So I'll answer for both. Gazebo Classic: The core of the simulator doesn't support multicopters. There is a 3rd-party ...
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2 votes

How to use ROS2 commands to delete models from the Gazebo Garden version?

I believe the previous answer is correct for gazebo classic. However it is different for gazebo garden. As of right now there is no ROS interface that directly exposes the delete entity service. There ...
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1 vote

How to use ROS2 commands to delete models from the Gazebo Garden version?

There are a number of ways, depending on how you want to do it. Command line You could use the command line ...
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1 vote

how to use gazebo ackermann plugin ROS2 Humble

I have been dealing with this for 4 months. The steering_wheel_joint is the steering wheel (like a real car) I started removing it but I remember the robot didn't move correctly. You can make a ...
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1 vote

Where can I find the list of SDF tags that can be used for a particular sensor in Gazebo Garden?

TL;DR While writing this answer, I found that the Gazebo Sim sensor parameters are read through the SDFormat library, and hence all parameters are described in the SDFormat Specification, e.g. here ...
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gazebo simulation texture or color error. lunar surface is showing yellow black stripes

I think it's from this path <diffuse>file://media/materials/textures/AS16-110-18026HR-512x512.jpg</diffuse> The ...
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