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Running Gazebo simulation on a remote linux computer and access the GUI on another computer

Headless rendering has nothing to do with GUI. It specifies whether sensor renderers will use GLX (which requires a running X11 server, but doesn't display anything on it) or EGL (which does not ...
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Point cloud in gazebo environment

So you want to take a ros2 PointCloud2 message and write it to a .pcd file. There is a existing ros1/ros2 package called pcl_ros. The src code for both is in this ...
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I'm trying to visualize intel realsense D435's pointcloud in ros2 rviz2 with gazebo ignition fortress but the messages aren't getting through

I was able to make the point cloud data go through the parameter bridge after defining the correct fixed frame of reference for ros2 rviz2. My plain simulation world with gazebo ignition fortress had ...
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ROS2/Gazebo URL deprecated

I guess gazebo maintainers turned off the redirect from this domain. I get the same error on humble harmonic. You can download the models directly before you run the simulation. Simply use the new url:...
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Can't use Ignition Gazebo thermal camera plugin with gpu lidar sensor My issue was related to this. I was using UTM with hardware acceleration for Gazebo Citadel. It was causing render issues between the thermal camera and ...
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A geometry element of a collision file could not be created

I think your guesses are right, it is a stale error message according to: The geometry element of collision [collision] couldn't be created #2262 The error was reduced to a debug message in Harmonic ...
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Gazebo Ignition how to bridge SerializedStepMap

The JointStatePublisher plugin publishes a gz.msgs.Model (might be the SerializedStepMap on ...
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How to implement self-locking motor in Gazebo/SDF?

Self-locking is a phenomenon that to my knowledge only occurs in worm drives. Other gear units such as planetary gears can have a very high friction, and hence be seemingly non-backdrivable, but if ...
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