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Controlling motion of single link

I believe all of the above is correct, but if someone thinks otherwise I would welcome the correction. Yes, it's correct. The boundary conditions now include (I think) $\ddot{\theta} = 0$ at $t=0$ ...
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Question on Denavit–Hartenberg method for forward kinematics

Your transformation matrix should written as $A_{0}^{0'}$. In your case, say we have a vector $q_0$. And for the formula: $q_{0} = A_{0}^{0'}q_{0'}$ The vector $q_{0'}$ is originally represented on ...
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Order of DH parameters

It is important to note that the order of multiplication does not matter. For example, you can multiply $Rot_{z,\theta}*Trans_{z,\theta}$ or $Trans_{z,\theta}*Rot_{z,\theta}$.
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DH Parameters for PR configuration

For the given diagram, it would be correct to ignore the highlighted area since it appears that L denotes the distance from the first joint to the second. Otherwise, you could equivalently draw frame ...
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Can a 6 DOF robot have multiple inverse kinematics solution with a constrained rotation/orientation

Absolutely it can. Up to 16 solutions may exist for a generic 6 axis robot. If the last three axes intersect in a point, the maximum number of solutions is reduced to 8. Some of these solutions may be ...
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