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4 votes

What is the best adaptive controller for robotic arms?

The given strategies can be divided into two groups: model-based and model-free control. The AMPC and MARC suggestions are model-based the other are model-free. Theoretically, a pid controller can be ...
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4 votes

Smart camera image processing on embedded GPU vs. in the cloud

Performance differences between using an embedded GPU vs. the cloud? For your context (to my mind, gesture recognition would ideally be realtime), the latency of going over the cloud would push me ...
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2 votes

Neural Nework code or library for MSP430G2553 microcontroller

One page linked says the algorithm is fine for the ATmega328's 2KB of SRAM, another is for the ATmega2560's 8KB of SRAM. Your MSP430G2553 has 0.5KB of RAM, so I think that's the primary reason you ...
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2 votes

Is it compulsary to learn Arduino programming in order to use Udoo Neo as an IOT device?

It is difficult to answer your question without more information, but I would suggest that splitting your problem in two and dealing with the motor control and the GUI separately would probably be the ...
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1 vote

PID control loop and feedback acquisition synchronization

This kind of control situation in general Nyquist method is used, In your first if your sampling period is 4 ms, your sampling frequency is 250 Hz, so you can control event maximum 125 ...
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1 vote

The reason(s)/benefit(s) to use realtime operating system instead of while-loop on MCU

Using an RTOS on a microcontroller is for reducing the complexity of developing your solution, and reduces the need for programmer expertise for device drivers, at cost of increasing the complexity of ...
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