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How to handle power distribution on a robot?

For power management, you can use either a DC/DC Convertor, a linear regulator, or a combination of the two. DC/DC Converter A DC/DC Converter changes DC voltage levels. Three common types are: ...
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Running a cycle on brushless outrunner motors?

Let's assume you do a motor on the crank shaft rather than on the hub. When you step on the pedal/crank it's approximately the mass of your body doing all the work. $Torque(\tau)=Force*Distance$, $...
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I need the scheme of iRobot Create 2

The schematic for the main board on the iRobot Create 2 is currently not available. It is advised to remove the plastic top cover before drilling into the electronics below. (This is good practice for ...
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Electric vs. internal combustion engine for propulsion

Q: What are the main differences between electric motor and internal combustion engine for an ATV-sized mobile robot platform in terms of functionality, implementation difficulty ("RC" conversion, "...
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How dangerous are HASEL artificial muscles with its Kv requirements?

So first, always take precautions when dealing with electricity. Discharging capacitors, removing metal jewelry, safety glasses, insulated tools, etc. If it's a commercially available product then I ...
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What is the function of inductors in series between the terminals and the brushes of a DC motor?

Likely the series induction prevent higher frequencies from making it back from the motor to the power supply. The inductors looks like an open circuit to higher frequencies. A parallel capacitor ...
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Running a cycle on brushless outrunner motors?

Its going to be very difficult to make a cycle run with motors that small. You would be better off looking at an electric wheelchair motor. You need starting torque to bring the bike up from a ...
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