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What is the meaning of joint space and configuration space and task space?

All "spaces" are used to define the current state of the robot, but with differences. The state of the robot is a point (also known as a configuration or pose) in a space. Please note that ...
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Differential Drive Control Techniques

One way to do this easily is with a constant step controller. It's a controller that looks at the error and then just adds (or subtracts) a constant amount (usually very small). It's very easy to ...
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Kalman filter problem with the output

You haven't made a mistake. There is a bias in your accelerometer readings (which is a true statement for all accelerometers) and then you're numerically integrating that bias, which results in ...
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Superposition in state space equation with multiple harmonics in the inputs

That's correct! It's the magic of linear systems. Find it also on Wikipedia.
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