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What's the difference between the different types of "control"

Found this in the Springer Handbook of Robotics 2nd Edition, by Oussama Khatib, on page 197: Special cases of impedance and admittance control are stiffness control and compliance control, ...
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Compliance control for a single link robot in matlab

In active compliance control, the control algorithm will actively adjust the robots control output based on the external disturbances. It helps reduce impact force on the manipulator, absorb shocks, ...
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What is this plate/wheel/disc called?

There are a few possible names, depending on the application and motor type. When used with RC servo motors, they can be called servo horns. These motors usually have a unique spline shaft. When used ...
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Inverted pendulum controller

I think the simple answer is that the cart-pole dynamics (linearized) are second-order (i.e. the moving parts have mass and thus inertia). In fact, it's also a non-minimum-phase system (has a zero in ...
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Which NAV2 controller for following a given path with a certain speed?

That's a pretty good approach. RPP is also a constant speed controller that sets the linear velocity as constant and computes the appropriate angular velocity to track the path. The "Regulated&...
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