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How to use arbitrary version of OpenCV

In case someone comes up here looking for how to use the source installed OpenCV installation with Python, look for following. When you build the OpenCV installation, make sure to add following ...
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Cmake error for ROS - cannot find the package

Try installing turtlebot3 messages using the following command sudo apt install ros-noetic-turtlebot3-msgs
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Ros2 Link library plugin hardware with other library

The error was that I tried to inherit the robot_library library class from Node. There is no need to do that)
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How to add command line tools for math to Gazebo?

The first step I'd take is to completely understand another gz command line tool. Each subcommand is implemented in a plugin that belongs to a specific Gazebo ...
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How to add wiringPi library with cmake on vscode?

Check the lib installed sudo apt-get install wiringpi And try find_library and ...
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ROS 2 cross-compile cannot handle custom dependency

I think packages that you refer to are not installed in correct directory which will be sysroot that your build system refer to. Actually, there are two header file including, one is including with &...
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Colcon build does not build all of my packages (after I deleted and reinstalled older cmake)

I just solved it myself. ...
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ROS2 - CMake Error - ament_target_dependencies() the first argument must be a valid target name

Cmake is sequential, you never actually made your library before you try to link it. Switch the order: ...
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Compiler issues using Raspberry Pi 4B

Finally found a solution looking at the source code of colcon_cmake: colcon is using the number of cpu cores in case there is no MAKEFLAGS already defining (see code below). So, in my case the ...
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How to use libSegFault with ROS node(let)s?

It turns out that (as shown here) I had to set the LD_PRELOAD environment variable prior to starting the nodelet, for example: ...
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Error: Could not configure catkin workspace: Cannot load environment from resultspace "/opt/ros/humble"

You're installing ROS 2 Humble, but you're following ROS 1 tutorials. You should clear your workspace and start over following the humble tutorials
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