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LiDAR and Camera Fusion

I just managed to do it. I wrote a code specific to my configuration which projects the 3D points (x, y, z) onto the 2D plane, thus getting the pixel (u, v) whichever laid inside the image's width x ...
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ROS2 Humble camera_ros camera_node gives sporadic segmentation faults. How can I fix this?

Ok, I finally got picam2 working with ROS2 Humble on Ubuntu Server 22.04.4 (64 bit). I have tried to put together a recipe that goes from a blank SD card to a working system, and eliminates all the ...
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Gazebo11 camera images to ROS 2

Resolution: It seems that could not find When I tried with GazeboSim(Fortress) there ...
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Photographing an object that's moving past a stationary camera

The way this is typically solved is by having a rolling window of high-speed video data, and only the last n seconds are stored when some trigger event (such as your laser) occurs. But the concepts of ...
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Can't use Ignition Gazebo thermal camera plugin with gpu lidar sensor My issue was related to this. I was using UTM with hardware acceleration for Gazebo Citadel. It was causing render issues between the thermal camera and ...
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Disable shadows for one camera in Gazebo Sim

I think an option could be to implement a plugin that registers a callback to the PreRender event, which retrieves the lights from the scene and disables their ...
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Need advice on implementing ROS2 knowledge in a hardware-based autonomous robot project for navigation and object manipulation

First of all, it's important to break down your project into manageable steps, especially when dealing with hardware and sensor fusion. Here is a high-level outline of how you can approach your ...
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Traffic cone detection and mapping

I recommend you to first have a thorough check of past works done by various FS teams, one such example is AMZ Driverless: The Full Autonomous Racing System: The aforementioned ground removal ...
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Programatically set the camera pose in gazebo or rviz

I tried approaching this issue in two ways: using the gazebo topics and a custom visual model plugin to move the camera pose programmatically. ##1. Publishing to a Gazebo Camera Topic These are the ...
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