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Thank you for your answers and comments. We finally decided to change the pump with a less energy consuming system. We're testing the prototype in the next to weeks we hope we get the estimated autonpmy


In underwater autonomous vehicles there are basically two solutions to increasing long term autonomy. The first, better power generation, (which has already been mentioned) won't really work in your case. See here for a discussion page on larger fuel cells The second, which is more common, is reducing the amount of actuation. One of the most popular ...


Lithium Polymer batteries are, in general, the best you're going to get as far as either energy per weight or energy per volume. Going to a different brand may gain your 10% more capacity per volume, but not much more (if you get to that point, and you're in the US, check out ThunderPower batteries -- I fly model airplanes in competition, and the folks I ...

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