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Practicality of using magnetometer inside AUV

Mags are used in almost all UAVs. It will be useful and it will be a unique source of information. Adding a some shielding between the mag and your computers and power lines will greatly reduced the ...
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AUV Lipo Battery capacity

You don't gave all information that are needed for such calculations. However, the technical details of the Thrusters give a peak consumption of 350 Watts each. So you have 6 of them, makes overall 2....
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Choosing the right dimensions for an underwater glider

This is a classic design problem. It starts with want you want something to do - a design specification. Hence there is no one right answer. I have designed a number of both aerial and underwater ...
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EKF singularity problem when measurement noise R is zero

I think you need to step back a bit and think beyond the math. An (E)KF is used to estimate the true value of a signal in the presence of noise; it's only because of this noise that we even need the ...
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AUV LiPo battery

If you want to run one motor at maximum output, it will draw 12.5 amps. If you run it for an hour, it will require 12.5 amp-hours of capacity. If you have six motors running for an hour at maximum ...
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Underwater Property Simulation with ROS2 e.g Particle Plume

We did a port of the UUV Plume Simulator Package to Ros2 and it is available here:
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What RF transceivers modules are used on AUVs for communication with ground station?

I will mention that fresnel zone issues are no joke. When the zone is violated either by the ground plane, or other objects, the transmission will be severely attenuated. Note however that the shape ...
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Practicality of using magnetometer inside AUV

As mentioned in the previous answer, many small, low-cost underwater (and aerial) vehicles use a magnetic compass. You need a good procedure for both hard-iron and soft-iron calibration of your ...
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