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There is generally a stepper example in the arduino Compiler, you can find the code there, or look at the stepper library However arduinos can‘t control steppers directly, but they send signals to stepper drivers, which then send the correct voltages to the stepper to rotate in a specific direction and rotate at a specific frequency. Arduinos are ...


It depends what Arduino you are going to use. I don't think that you can use Arduino Nano/Micro for this because you will not have enough I/O and memory. You can use Arduino Mega (maybe UNO) but you will have to utilize hardware interrupts for all the communication and measurement stuff. I have done a similar robot a few years ago utilizing interrupts only ...


You can try a board named teensy. It is programmed in the arduino IDE but it got much higher performance.


In my configuration I have a PID algorithm for the main following mechanism. Then I have a separate routine to move into if The car ever goes off the line and all 6 sensors are sensing white. This tells the car to turn the direction that it saw the line last. This seems to work up to 45 degree turns for me.


To quote Adafruit: You cannot power motors from a 9V battery. You must use AA batteries or a lead acid battery for motors. You can grab a decent SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery by grabbing an alarm battery from any battery store for a relatively decent price (or an online retailer). Alternatively you could get an AA battery holder that lets you put ...

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