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Go to ebay and type things like arduino robot into the search bar and use search descriptions. Anything you click on will if you scroll down have a section labeled people who bought this also bought. Its a way to do a tour of what people have been buying.


I see that working with control loops is a more elegant way of controlling the robot. But I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the problem. I uploaded a video to demonstrate the strange behaviour: One time it does exactly what it is supposed to do and the next day it drifts to the left, turns at ...


Looking at your code quickly, it looks like you are sending velocity commands and then waiting for some amount of time to execute your motions, without using any encoder feedback to verify the robot is moving the amount you expect. I would suggest that you implement a control loop to make your movements more accurate. I suspect a simple PI controller would ...


For every component you can search for data sheets over the respective manufacturer site. You can know the rated current of motor otherwise on the shopping site. Then find a motor driver for that rating. Or else you can design it on your own.

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