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Is it possible to use the Zenoh Rust Api on embedded rust?

Since Zenoh will be a tier-1 RMW for ROS, I was thinking, "why not use Zenoh's rust API for microcontrollers ? " As embedded rust is a thing and is widely used. I am aware of Zenoh Pico (C ...
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Zenoh with turtlebot4

as mentioned in this ticket, we are facing problems in running reliably the turtlebot4 (aka T4) with nav2. This robot has a raspberry PI communicating over USB (simulated as an ethernet communication) ...
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When is the select-able ROS2 Middle-ware architecture planned have a public release

Currently ROS2 is using DDS as middle-ware , I want to use or any other middle-ware for ROS2 is this possible ? I read in the forum that the migration to achieve any Middle-ware to ...
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