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How to connect a stepper motor to Arduino far away?

What cables would be good for the question in the title, noting that I do not (at least yet) have any soldering/crimping/etc. equipment? Preface To start with; I'm a complete beginner, never had ...
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Low-profile durable electrical connections between microcontrollers and SBC

I plan to connect an SBC (such as the Jetson, although I'll be using the Pi) to a series of microcontrollers using the GPIO pins over the SPI protocol. What's the best way to connect these devices? I ...
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Stepper Motor is moving when I put hand near cables?

I wired my RaspberryPi Zero 2 with stepper motor. It works fine, just when the motor is stopped and I put my hand near cables (especially MS1, MS2, MS3) (without touching anything) motor starts to ...
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Identify contacts on wires of an electronic speed controller

I have got an electronic speed controller as pictured in the first image. What kind of contacts are those on the left? The second image is a closeup. edit to clarify question I am asking how to ...
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Lawn mower project

I'm trying to figure out how to make a remote control lawn mower, and I'm stuck questioning one critical part I'm in the process of buying 2 wheelchair motors that accept both 12 and 24volts which ...
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Daisy chaining resistors for an LED circuit

Please note: although this question involves a Raspberry Pi (hereafter RPi), it is really a pure robotics question at heart! I am trying to connect my RPi 1 Model A to a breadboard with a single, ...
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What are the recommended interconnects for wiring a battery to a motor via its driver?

I am currently working with a combination of Tamiya and T-connectors. I have not previously had issues with either, but the T-connectors I'm using currently do not seem to be maintaining a connection. ...
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Need super-basic help with motor encoder

So I have this motor: and this motor shield for my arduino uno:
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Wiring necessary to route power from any one of several rechargeable batteries

I'm looking for my robotics project to draw its power from one of 3 rechargeable batteries; basically whichever has the most "juice" in it. From the initial research I've already done, I believe I ...
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Wiring & driving TowerPro SG90 servos

I got my hands on a few Tower Pro SG90 9G servos but cannot find their schematics or datasheet anywhere (besides that link). I have the following concerns: Looks like they're rated for 4.8V, but ...
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How to prevent twisting of cables

I am planning to create a motor turret described in this question. But to simplify the problem, I'm thinking of a wind turbine with a generator in the main head that can rotate freely through 360 ...
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3 answers

How can we manage stepper motor cables?

I need to actuate 3 or 4 Cnc-like Nema 23 (~1N.m torque) stepper motors, I would like some cable solution to connect easily the motor to the motor driver. I have not yet bought anything, I have ...
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Cable routing in theta, x, y motion control system. Better inside or outside?

I'm building a motion control platform with 3 DoF: 1 axis of rotation (theta) and 2 cartesian (x,y). In most applications, like wrist actuation, you have an X-Y stage with a rotating servo as the ...
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What connectors are most reliable?

If you have used connectors for signal wiring for any length of time, you may find that they are unreliable. Specifically, I find these to be unreliable when used for a long time, with a number of ...
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