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Questions tagged [webots]

Webots is an open source and multi-platform desktop application used to simulate robots. It provides a complete development environment to model, program and simulate robots.

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2 votes
1 answer

How to import a 3D model in Webots_R2022b?

I have a 3D model which is made by SolidWorks. I remember that in older versions there was a function to import 3D models but I can't find it in R2022b. Can you tell me how to import it? Thanks so ...
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1 answer

Webots cannot download objects and textures

After installing the newest version of Webots, I find that the objects (PROTO) and textures of the scene cannot be downloaded. The console throws many errors about download failures and the 3D scene ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to import 3D models in Webots?

I have 3D models with UV mapping and textures in Blender and I would like to import them in Webots. Can you please recommend the best way to do this?
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Importing 3D models into webots 2023a and splitting parts into shapes for a robot

I am quite new with Webots. I am wondering if there is a possibility to import 3D models into Webots 2023a as it was possible within Webots 2021b. I have managed to import it within 2021b, but when I ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Instantaneous Center of Rotation for a differential Drive Robot

I want to find the instantaneous center of rotation of a differential drive robot. Assuming I know that the robot will travel with a particular linear and angular velocity $(v,w)$ I can use the ...
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Headless mode with GPUs

I have tested Webots headless mode in docker as described here in Ubuntu 20.04. In the headless mode, if we make gpus available to the docker container as follows ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How do I make a robot imported using urdf and ROS2 gravity? It just floats

I can't seem to find any examples with imported URDFs (the universal robot examples don't seem to have any physics settings beyond joint inertias etc). My robot has mass from the urdf: But it seems ...
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WEBOTS: How can I use immmersionPropierties? How can I fill the sand with water? How can I reduce the friction coefficient?

Contextually, what we want to simulate is a robot in an aquatic environment. My difficulty lies in not knowing how to use a parameter and particular situations: immersionProperties. Filling with ...
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