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Can the human body distribution of load and effort on the lower body be directly translated to bipedal robots?

So, I couldn't find the actual source for this affirmation, but I read somewhere some time ago that the lower part of the human body has to be 3 times stronger than the top half; and that's why you ...
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Hexapod walking algorithm

I am making a hexapod project with my friend. There is a issue about its walking style. Generally tripod gait is formed as two steps: first move legs 1,3,5, then 2,4,6 which corresponds to moving one ...
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Why are bipedal robots difficult?

Not sure if this has been asked, but there are lots of simulations of bipedal locomotion algorithms online, some of the evolutionary algorithms converge to very good solutions. So it seems to me that ...
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Unilateral Torque Constraint on the foot-ground interface

I was studying the basics of legged locomotion and came across the unilateral force and torque constraints at the foot-ground interface. I understood the implication of the unilateral constraint on ...
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Does anyone have any walking patterns for a Biped Scout? (LYNXmotion) [closed]

I recently got a LYNX Biped Scout and found that it is really hard to actually come up with a working "Gait" or walking pattern. Making a servo move is easy, that's not the problem, I previously ...
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What is a good approach to a Quadruped Gait?

I have a small quadruped with three degree of freedom legs which I have been working on: 3DOF Mini Quadruped. My original code for it was a simple servo controller on the arduino, and Scala code ...
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Simple Neural Network with hardcoded positions for walk optimisation

I'm building a quadrupedal robot that will learn how to walk. From the responses I got from asking if its possible to run a NN on a micro controller I realised I needed to think of a clever system ...
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What useful gaits exist for a six legged robot, and what are their pros and cons? [closed] lists three gaits: the tripod wave, and ripple. Can these be improved, or can their relative pros and cons be altered, and are there other gaits worth ...
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