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How to resolve import error?

I created a simple publisher pkg to move around the turtle in turtlesim and getting this import error, let me know if you need any other information. Please correct me if I am doing anything wrong --&...
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Import "rclypy" could not be resolvedPylancereportMissingImports [closed]

I am trying to follow a ros2 tutorial, and I have a test node working, it's an executable and runs as expected from the terminal. I am now trying to make the turtlesim node draw a circle. I have ...
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How to add wiringPi library with cmake on vscode?

I tried a few things but I am not so knowlegable about it. I tried with cmakeLists.txt: ...
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How to debug ROS 2 programs in vscode

I usually debug my ROS 2 programs using print statements and echoing to topics. Is there a better way to debug ROS 2 programs so that I can see the value of certain variables or even stop the program ...
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VSCode + ROS 2 error squiggles stop working

I am using VSCode for ROS 2 development, and generally this works really well but every so often suddenly the error squiggles stop working, with following error message: ...
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ROS VS Code Debugger unrecognized remap tag in <include> tag

I am using ROS extension for VS Code and I have organized my launch files based on Roslaunch tips for large projects. I have 2 main launch files, one that I launch from the linux terminal, and one via ...
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