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Visual-Inertial Odometry (VIO)

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Confusion on optimizing variable time-offset for VIO SLAM

I was reading the following paper on how you can incorporate variable time offset for a camera in VIO:
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Further clarification on marginalization

I was re-reading a prior answer about marginalization along with some documents, Marginalization vs Dropping states for sliding window VO My understanding is as follows: After convergence of the ...
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How can I get the covariance matrix?

I am using ROS2 Humble. I want to integrate the Odometry data with RTAB-SLAM. The odometry data is acquired from Visual Odometry. When I looked at the odometry msg format for publishing it, it needs ...
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Why do we need to know the translation between Camera and IMU?

In Visual Inertial Odometry, assuming the camera and the IMU are attached to the same rigid body, why isn't it enough to know just the relative rotation between the camera and the IMU? Why do we need ...
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IMU to Camera transformation

Suppose you are implementing SLAM or VIO system, you have your camera C and IMU and a coordinate transformation between them (R, T). How do convert IMU measurements to camera accelerations and ...
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