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1 answer

12V compressor and air pressure control

I am trying to make a simple robot with few functionality for someone, one of these functionality is inflating a balloon inside the robot, I know how to control a compressor using Arduino but the ...
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Actuator to control steam valve

I have a steam radiator at home and it has a valve similar to the picture below. Please note that the valve doesn't have grooves on top to attach things to. I want to build something to turn it on ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What to use as electrovalve?

I want do make following installation (blowing bottle tops as music instrument): ...
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Does a vacuum pump have to run constantly in a pick & place system?

I'm reading this article about which of vacuum pump or venturi vacuum generator is more efficient for a pick and place system: The example application ...
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Servo controlled valve

I am trying to build a servo-controlled water valve. Max pressure 150 psi , valve size 1/2". Can anyone recommend a suitable 1/4-turn valve, either ceramic, ball valve, or anything else that is easy ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Increasing suction force

I'm trying to increase the suction force of the end effector in a pick and place system. Is it a good idea to add an extra vacuum pump and put it in parallel? AFAIK, having an extra pump in parallel ...
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Exchange air and maintain thermal insulation

My application is composting with worms outdoors inside an a styrofoam cooler. I use a heat lamp and a thermo-electric cooler to maintain the temperature in the bin when the temperature outside is ...
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What is a good valve that can automatically open/close wet food particles?

Something that is 2-4 inches wide. Different types of valves like pinch, iris, butterfly, etc. Or something else?
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Looking for a microscale valve/controller

I'm looking for a microscale valve/controller but am having a hard time finding what I'm looking for or a supplier. It will be used for a propulsion system in a CubeSat and as such needs to be fairly ...
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