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Underwater robotics is a branch of robotics. Underwater robots can be autonomous, or they can be remotely operated. This is an emerging science, which has become more popular with evolving technology.

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Preventing leaks in motor shafts for underwater bots

Whenever building an aquatic bot, we always have to take care to prevent leakages, for obvious reasons. Now, holes for wires can be made watertight easily--but what about motors? We can easily seal ...
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How to localise a underwater robot?

I am building an autonomous underwater robot. It will be used in swimming pools. It should be capable of running in any normal sized pool, not just the pool in which I test. So I cannot rely on a ...
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Upgrading the motors on a SeaPerch ROV - more torque, or more RPMs?

I am looking to upgrade the motors for SeaPerch underwater ROVs so we can carry heavier payloads and more equipment. My question is, should I look for motors which have a higher RPM and lower ...
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