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What are some resources to learn Probability, Statistics and Stochastic Processes so I can understand Optimal State Estimation?

I went to grad school for Mechanical Engineering almost 7 years ago, where I avoided any probability/stats coursework like plague and stuck to linear algebra and differential equations for my math ...
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Covariance of fused poses. Should it be normalised by the number of poses?

I came across this paper from T. Barfoot and P. Furgale: "Associating Uncertainty With Three-Dimensional Poses for Use in Estimation Problems" Link:
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How to use knowledge of sensor noise

Reasoning about the meaning of uncertainty of sensor measurement I ran into a doubt: (1) When we talk about sensor uncertainty, we often model it as a Gaussian distribution $\mathcal{N}(\boldsymbol{z},...
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State propagation from uncertain control input

Consider a nonlinear system $x(k+1)=f(x(k),u(k))$, where $x(k)\in\mathbb{R}^{n}$ is the state, $u(k)\in\mathbb{R}^m$ is the control input. Here $u(k)$ is normally distributed RV with mean $\mu_u(k)$ ...
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Uncertainty in grid based fastslam

Given I am building a grid map, and poses are represented using particles, how can I calculate the uncertainty of a pose In a grid based fastslam 2.0?
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Is Fuzzy logic applicable for robotics research

I found some papers that use fuzzy logic to solve robotics algorithmic problems. But I have recently been told by a few roboticists that fuzzy logic should not be used in robotics because it has ...
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Real world dynamic problem suggestion for PID [closed]

I need you guys to suggest me a problem that requires to change PID coefficients in different times. Lets say every 1 minutes the environment should change and readjust the PID’s parameters. Note that ...
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How to calculate a covariance of trajectory?

I have a drifted LiDAR odometry $^w \textbf{T}_{1:k}\in SE(3)$ and a drift corrected LiDAR odometry $^w \textbf{T}'_{1:k}\in SE(3)$ by a loop closure where w represents the reference world frame. ...
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