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Unmanned ground vehicle. See also the tags uav & auv.

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Best UGV platform? [closed]

My lab is interested in a good all-terrain UGV that can also be used indoors. We are particularly interested in the Clearpath Husky, Clearpath Jackal, and the Robotnik Summit XL (or XL HL), though we ...
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Place for GPS antenna on autonomous vehicle

I used to think that the higher GPS antenna position the better until I read the following on GPSd FAQ: One common error is to place the GPS or antenna as high as possible. This will increase ...
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How do visual obstructions impact the ability to localize using LIDAR?

If a street is extremely crowded to an extent that the terrain is not visible from the point of view of the LIDAR (e.g. in google's self driving car), can it still manage to localize itself and ...
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How do space rovers survive at very low temperatures?

For example, if a rover has working temperature range of -70 to +120 Celsius, how does it survive and then restore itself if the temperature drops to -150 degrees for several months?
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What is the current state of the Google Self Driving Car Project? [closed]

I am aware of the legislation's in Nevada, but what is happening with the technology currently. When is it expected to be commercialized ?
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How to choose a good IMU for a wheeled robot?

At our lab, we have a several "Kurt" type robots (about the size of a Pioneer, six wheels, differential drive). The built-in gyroscopes are by now really outdated; the main problem is that the ...
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