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Multiple discovery servers on the same network

Is there a way to enforce that clients can only send/receive messages to each other if they have the same discovery server URI? I am trying to setup a classroom environment where on a single WLAN ...
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How to change Turtlebot 4 behavior when buttons are pressed?

How can I modify what behavior the Turtlebot 4 exhibits when the Create buttons are pressed? I'm working through the tutorials which start with printing to console when a button is pressed. The ...
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1 answer

turtlebot4 nav2: how to call action navigateToPose from node in cpp

I am migrating a node that send goals to nav2 (originally move_base) thru an action since I need to know if it has been reached or cancelled by the planner. It will work with the Turtlebot4. I've been ...
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Ethernet Overloading Problem During Launch Robot

I'm currently facing an issue in my turtlebot4 project where I observe a significant spike in internet usage when launching ROS 2 processes. After a while, the usage returns to normal. I suspect this ...
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turtlebot4 simulation stuck at Requesting list of world names

I am trying to run turtlebot4 on ROS2 humble with an ignition gazebo installed on my Ubuntu 22.04 machine. when I run the command ...
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