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Problem with locomotion of hexabot in ROS2/Gazebo, wondering what the problem might be

Hi Robotics Stack Exchange Community, I am trying to build my first ROS2/Gazebo project and I want to simulate a six-legged robot. I have been trying to troubleshoot and look through documention as to ...
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Trouble Installing ROS 2 Humble on Ubuntu 20.04 with arm64/x86_64 Architecture

I've been encountering an issue while attempting to install ROS 2 Humble on my Ubuntu 20.04 system. My machine supports both arm64 and x86_64 architectures. Despite following the official installation ...
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Iron & Windows: Error code 3221226505 when running ROS 2 node with ros2 run

I am trying implementing the tutorial of "Using quality-of-service settings for lossy networks". When I try to run the showimage node in the image_tools package using the ros2 run command: <...
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Gazebo joint velocities do not agree with joint displacement

In a simulation that I am running, which is described below, the angular velocities that I get from the joint_states topic, do not give me the angular displacement I calculate from the joints angular ...
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Ros control pid gives different input than expected

I am trying to match the trajectory i am getting from gazebo simulation using ros_control and matlab for a simple pendulum which rotates in the horizontal plane (so no gravity, no friction and no ...
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How does one setup an ESC to drive a wheel-hub motor?

I have 2x 350W wheel-hub motors taken from a self-balancing scooter, or hoverboard. My intention is to use the two of them to drive a homemade R2-D2. However, some difficulties have been encountered ...
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Does anyone have a working example of using Qt to communicate with NXT?

I'm stumped. I've been looking through all of the Qt classes and I'm so completely and utterly lost. There are only three examples of bluetooth use in Qt, but none of them work for me. I just need a ...
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Control Arduino firmata with HC-05

I'm using the johnny-five library to control an Arduino Uno running StandardFirmata. I have a HC-05 bluetooth module that I want to use to wirelessly control firmata, but have yet to get it working. ...
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Vex motors and tank treads drained 9-volt battery more quickly than expected

I've got a couple Vex 269 Motors hooked up to an Arduino Duemilanove. These motors run a some Vex Tank Treads. I powered the whole setup with an off-brand 9-volt battery. Everything seems to run great,...
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How can one determine whether a LiPo battery is going bad?

In our lab we use LiPo batteries to power our quadrotors. Lately we have been experiencing stability issues when using certain batteries. The batteries seem to charge and balance normally and our ...
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