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What is canonical grasp?

What is a canonical grasp and how is it different from normal/other grasp? I've searched through internet and forums but haven't found any answers.
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Moment of Inertia of a planar rotation link with a 6-DOF base

I'm interested in analytic calculation of a moment of inertia of a robot's arm in the following situation. Let us assume the following: Stationary reference frame $ \{b\} = \{X_B, Y_B, Z_B\}$ and ...
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Retrieving Denavit-Hartenberg-Parameters from homogenous transformation-matrix

i am trying to implement a matlab script where the user can enter quaternions and retrieve the corresponding denavit hartenberg parameters for this link. My approach is to create the homogenous ...
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How can I modeling a simple haptic interface system to obtain results similar to the paper “Time-Domain Passivity Control of Haptic Interfaces”?

I am trying to simulate the experiments in the paper "Time-Domain Passivity Control of Haptic Interfaces", Hanaford and Ryu, 2002, IEEE transactions on robotics and automation vol .18, No1 about the ...
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