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What algorithm should I implement to program a room cleaning robot?

For this question assume that the following things are unknown: The size and shape of the room The location of the robot The presence of any obstacles Also assume that the following things are ...
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Inverting a transform (Reading J Craig's book on Robotics)

From Introduction to Robotics by J.J. Craig, chapter 2, Page no. 36: Could anyone explain how that equation was derived/formed? I am stuck on this page due to failing to understand where the equation ...
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Is Fuzzy logic applicable for robotics research

I found some papers that use fuzzy logic to solve robotics algorithmic problems. But I have recently been told by a few roboticists that fuzzy logic should not be used in robotics because it has ...
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Differences between Ackermann steering and standard bi/tricycles concerning kinematics?

I got the following homework question: What are the general differences between robots with Ackermann steering and standard bicycles or tricycles concerning the kinematics? But, I don't see what ...
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role of chi2 in SLAM back-end optimization

All-most all SLAM back-end implementation compute chi2 estimates. Chi2 computation is usually used to compute the best-fitness score of model to the data. How it is related to optimization framework ...
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What is exact model of haptic interface system in the paper "Time-Domain Passivity Control of Haptic Interfaces"?

I am trying to simulate the experiments in the paper "Time-Domain Passivity Control of Haptic Interfaces", Hanaford and Ryu, 2002, IEEE transactions on robotics and automation vol .18, No1 about the ...
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