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Steering robots (or programmable steering controllers) apply precise, repeatable inputs to a vehicle's steering system. Also it is a behavior in swarm robotics.

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How to determine the required CPU speed for a micro-controller with a 2-phase encoder attached to interrupts?

I am building a high-torque steering servo. I am trying to use the Adafruit Feather M0, which has a CPU speed of 48MHz, to monitor a 2-phase encoder that has 2400 pulses per rotation. I have attached ...
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Overcoming or managing dead time in vehicle steering controller

I found out there is a dead time in my steering controller after several runs. The transfer function for it in the $s$-domain is: $$ H(s)=\frac{270 \cdot e^{-0.03s}}{0.015 \cdot s + 1} $$ To ...
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Differential steering

I'm hoping to build a 40kg rover for running on soft and loose dirt by using fewer than 4 motors. Does anyone know if differential steering is possible on 3 actuated wheels? That is, two at the front ...
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Tuning PID controlling car's steering angle

We built a car model with Ackerman steering type for line following task. The distance between rear and front wheels' axes was about 42 cm. Then we tuned PID controller (really just PD: Kp = 0.9, Ki = ...
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Very slow / No rotation of front wheels for an ackermann steering type model

I am trying to simulate a mobile robot with ackermann steering in Gazebo. I have velocity control for rear wheels and steering angle control for front wheels. I am using ROS2 Humble with Gazebo. There ...
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Why is the angle of the wheels in this ackermann steering system so low?

I am trying to implement Ackermann Steering in Fusion 360. However, I am unsure why the maximum angle of my wheels is capped at such a low turning angle. Are there any issues with my design or with ...
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How can I feel feedback with electric power steering (EPS)?

When I am rotating steering wheel and it meets an obstacle, I feel it. I have EPS. How does it work? Is it just explicit sensor and feedback? Can I sniff this feedback on CAN bus?
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