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the state or quality of being stable.

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On-board monocular odometry for quadcopter stabilization

Has anyone done this with EKF/PID on a small microcontroller? Or know of code snippets to help implementing this?
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Grasp matrix implementation

I've majorly followed Dex-net implementation to calculate a grasp matrix (G) to compute other grasp quality metrics (e.g., Ferrari Canny L1 metric or smallest singular value of G). Based on my ...
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Stability of dynamical system via Lyapunov

I have a dynamical system which has the following form: $\dot x=\mathcal F_1(m_1)x+\mathcal F_2(m_2)x$. My objective is to find the parameters $m_1$ and $m_2$ via LMI (linear matrix inequality) using ...
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Spot simulation in Webots becomes unstable after lifting one leg

I have written a custom controller for the Spot robot that comes in-built with Webots. based on the already given controller. I am having an issue where when I try to lift one leg off from the ground, ...
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Seeed studio Grove IMU 9DOF gyro reading denoising

Using this IMU (, I am having an issue with the gyro readings. Seems like the reading comes with lots of noise. Could anyone help me to ...
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Charging station flashing green. Not charging

Charging station is flashing green. Roomba’s makes clicking sounds with error message. Have another charging station and the Roomba's charges there fine. I also move another Roomba ( have a total of 3)...
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How to identify simulink blocks contributing to unstable pole during linearization

I have a simulink model resulting in a state space model using linearization at a steady state condition. The resulting statespace model of order 135 shows an unstable pole contributed by a particular ...
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How to prove the stability of trajectory tracking with PD control using Lyapunov method?

I'm having a problem to prove the stability of PD control in trajectory tracking. Let say we have a system with double integrator dynamics and we what to minimalize the tracking error $\tilde{x} $. ...
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Grasp stability of a robot

I have read some researches and sources about "grasp stability", but I don't understand what it is exactly. If a grasp is stable, does the hand grasp the object perfectly, accurately or strictly? ...
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