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Speech processing is the study of human spoken language in the context of signal processing. It includes several subfields, among them speech recognition and speech synthesis.

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Voice Control Turtlesim ROS2 Humble on Ubuntu 20.04 with Pocketsphinx

I want to use Pocketsphinx on my ROS2 workspace, but wanted to try it out on Turtlesim first. While building my workspace with ...
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Can I "shape" the sound of words spoken by Pepper with Phonetic transcription?

I am using Aldebaran/Softbank Robotics Pepper with Choregraphe software. There are some loan words in my dialogs. When Pepper say these words they often don't sound natural. e.g. the german word ...
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Make Pepper understanding and speaking German or other none-english languages [closed]

I am using the "Choreography" software to interact with Pepper. I can create english dialogs there. But I have problems to change the language to (e.g.) German. In the settings of a Dialog I can ...
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What microcontroller and parts will work for the robot project described bellow?

I want my robot to contain about 20 MB of data or a little more, this will be mostly in text, some pictures so that it can recognize one or two particular objects. So obviously, I want a camera ...
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Building a stationary robot which can talk [closed]

I am a Computer Science major and I only have basic ideas on Robotics. I am planning to build a stationary cubical AI. The main purpose of this bot will be that, it will have a sensor to check if ...
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Robot interaction language

Is there any well documented robot interaction language? I would imagine something like taking a user's speech in English, parsing it using some natural language processing like NLTK or Stanford NLP ...
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Best microphone for speech recognition tasks

I made several tests with different setups in order to achieve an acceptable speech recognition quality. It works well when I push a button to activate it but now I want it to be automatically ...
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Voice control solution for Linux robot? [closed]

I wanted to present a voice-controlled robot in my lab's upcoming demo contest. My robot is essentially a x86 Ubuntu notebook resting on top of a two-wheeled platform, so in principle any solution ...
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