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Questions tagged [soft-robotics]

Soft Robotics is the specific subfield of robotics dealing with constructing robots from highly compliant materials, similar to those found in living organisms.

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0 answers

Fabrication of Planar HASEL soft actuators

Recently, I was researching planar HASEL actuators to create artificial muscles. I was greatly inspired by the YouTube video "HASEL actuators with muscle-like performance." I found the paper ...
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How to simulate a cable-driven soft robot in gazebo

A cable-driven soft arm, as shown in the diagram below, was modeled using PCC. The arm was divided into several segments, and the forward kinematics for each segment, as well as the overall kinematics ...
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1 vote
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Does anyone believe a high voltage battery say 100kV is possible? If so do you have a schematic or know a seller? [closed]

In the interest of soft robotics I need a high power programmable battery power supply. I also found this.
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1 vote
4 answers

Best microcontroller for develop a robot for the market [closed]

I am planning to produce and release a robot to the market and also worked with different platforms for development such as arduino,pic,micropython/python. But now I want to do this professional. I ...
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How can i make a compact soft robot

I want to make a compact (actuators motors and sensors are all in one) soft robot. Actuators can be pneumatic or dielectric. I need suggestions about manufacturating. I'm open to new ideas.
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